I was put on the path
By people who love me,
Who taught me some rules
To move onward and travel
On the road that lay before me.

Is there an end? I know not.
Amongst many, this route I have chosen.
It gives me joy to see the myriad wonders
Along the path I traverse – the trees and rivers;
The beings, light, darkness; the ocean.

This journey delights me the most;
I go on with what I pick on my path.
When I don’t find anything to take me ahead
And I’m unsure of which way to move on;
I know that it needs time for more thought.

It’s not the tools I find
Or the means I use to move on
The joy in this wondrous journey
Is simply the journey itself;
Which prods me to carry on.

I see people along the way
Who dislike and they curse;
The pits and holes on the road.
And I tell myself I want always to see
The beauty on this magnificent road I traverse.

So what if the road is not smooth
And at some places, my pace is disturbed!
There is much to pick up at such places
Things that help me move on better;
If only I can still move on unperturbed.

I learn new rules and discard the old
As the path needs; and I think best suited.
But any means I learn from self or others
Only aid to move on and if; in my mind
I keep the desire to advance undiluted.

Several others along the road
I meet and talk to; share our joys and sorrows.
Every traveler has a unique story
Of love, hate, joy, anger, sorrow, hope, despair;
More things which I borrow.

Their tales help me plan and prepare
Better for my journey onward.
I know mine is different as is everyone’s
I have to choose the routes by myself,
Knowing I can never turn backward.

The people whom I love
On their journey, they travel along.
Their paths cross mine for some time
We travel together sharing feelings and tales,
To think they will be on the same path would be wrong.

They will make their choices
And go the way they choose.
The best I would do is share the joy
With whom I can, whom I love
And move on to more avenues.

No choice seems right or wrong,
Every path brings great happiness.
It is but how the traveler sees it
How much he takes from the path
And if he can be but a witness.

This is one that I took
From my travails one fine day.
No road lasts forever,
A new one must be chosen
When one road fades away.

There is no end to this journey
I will go on as long as it is destined.
I tell myself to be always in delight,
Till one day, the Journey I are but One,
And as One being forever we are joined.

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