Your journey on this earth begins when you come in to this world crying.
Somebody else gave up their life to see another live, even when they were sure of dying.

Every single day we get closer to our grave and not realise how miserably we have lived.
I wish we knew our expiry date on this planet, and may be we would let go of all that we’ve cribbed.

Life is what happens when you busy making plans, said somebody and its a proven fact for all of us sometime or other.
Stay motivated and grounded and keep moving with all the memories you gather.

God has always held your hand even when you’ve not had slightest faith in him, because he has never been unkind to anyone.
We have always blamed him with every bend we had to cross, not knowing its all the learning curve for everyone.

My dear life, no matter what you bring in my way, I have kept sailing through all the tide.
I have one last request to make, please be kind to every innocent life because they can hardly make it through this ride.