I was a super-attached person who has turned non-attached. I was a social butterfly who has turned into a lover of solitude. Due to this personality change, socializing is no longer my thing.

These days, I move far away from social gatherings because I find it a sheer waste of my time. My precious time that could’ve produced a couple of posts go down the drain!

Though, at times I have no choice but to oblige by this world’s ways for the sake of my husband and son. Therefore, I accepted an invitation from someone recently. 

An Unpleasant Experience

In a conversation during that social appointment, one person asked, “You’re just a housewife. Right? What do you do all day?”

Frankly, no matter what their intention, I’m tired of Indian men and women asking me this question:

  • ‘Housewife’ is a downright derogatory term because it’s direct discrimination by gender and occupation.
  • ‘Just a housewife’ is an insult to every stay-at-home person.
  • Besides, it’s none of anybody’s business what I do with my time.

Typically, I mutter Adi Shankaracharya’s words from the Bhaja Govindam in my head – Mooda Mathe, which means ignorant mind. Then, I reply, “I’m a spiritual blogger who aids society by writing a couple of hours each day.”

Nevertheless, I felt intense sadness because I wondered – What kind of attitude do these people carry? What about those stay-at-home parents who don’t blog like me? Those questions triggered this post.

Why do people Stay-At-Home?

For those who nurture derogatory attitudes toward stay-at-home folks, let me give you my response: Wake up from sleepwalking, people. You are stuck in the industrial-era mindset!

In the modern world, not everyone stays at home because they are lazy or incompetent. As per my research and observation, here are the top five reasons why someone decides not to join the workforce:

  1. They slowed down to support their partner’s occupation or dreams.
  2. They prioritized their kids, who would struggle if they went to work.
  3. They played caretakers to elders in the family.
  4. They felt content with their finances at home and didn’t wish to waste a few hours at work making money they didn’t need. 
  5. They decided to pursue their creative skills because they weren’t the family’s primary breadwinners. 

Be Proud of Yourself

As we can see, none of those top reasons mentioned above arose out of laziness or inability to find a job. It came out of love, care, sacrifice, and other positive qualities. 

Pretty much every religious scripture deems those to be the traits of a saint. That puts stay-at-home people who sacrifice their lives for their families one step closer to becoming saints!

If you’ve sacrificed your dreams for others and are facing demeaning attitudes from people, this one’s for you – Feel proud of yourself. Now! And pat yourself on the back for your selflessness because you deserve it.

The next time someone tags you ‘just a housewife’ or whatever, and if you struggle to ignore it, ask them a rhetorical question (with a smile on your face): 

I’ve renounced my dreams for the world. Isn’t that what the greatest of sages did and continue to do?


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