This is about Time when I was doing my internship at hospital . This is about what I have seen during that time. As during internship we used to have posting in different departments. When  I was posted in Psychiatry what I saw was ,old aged people suffering from loneliness that could cause depression afterwards, especially after their spouse’s death.Their main concern was that their own children would ignore them. At that age they want little attention just like child. During world mental health day we tried to make small talk video and we did talk to few old people .one of them started crying, she said she felt very lonely her children are busy in their own family in their own lives. And if she went  to meet her friend to her home to kill the time then her friend’s  family members passed comments like two of you don’t have anything valuable to do that is why I don’t go there often. She said people of our age does feel lonely especially if after our partner’s death .All we want is to sit our children with us for an hour and to ask us how we are doing if we need anything or not.That’s it.

But we mainly forget our parents in turn of earning good for our family,to establish good career.

We all must give time to our parents and we must check on them on regular basis this thing can bring smile on their faces.

We must not forget the those who taught us how to climb after reaching on the top.








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