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Incase you missed it, Prologue (or Part One) is here and Chapter One ( or Part Two) is here.

From the Golden Conure proceeded the creation. It was a task bestowed on him- to use his skill and wisdom to transmute the metaphysical to the experiential. This involved formulating its nature and structure, encoding its principles, and then establishing the necessary axioms and theorems and algorithms needed for its operational matrix. This also entailed encrypting, per instructions, a time bound logic bomb that would allow for the creation to “self-destruct” …all at the right time, following which the sequence of events would repeat itself… endlessly.

While the Conure was no ordinary parrot varietal, yet he was also bound by the very rules he made which induced a degree of ordinariness. And so, in the aftermath of eons and eons of this tasking by the Conure, led him to develop a ravelled sense of attachment towards what he began considering as his creation. It was the sort of attachment that agonised over more control for eventual outcomes, and it was also the sort of attachment that tormented his heart every time that self-destruct code- Kali- would trigger.

The distress coursing through his veins coupled with a momentary lapse in ability to process the strains of his feelings- caused him to clench his zygodactyls and pierce that branch of the tree with his sharp talons, where along with him, the Cockatoo and the Macaw were also perched. And while both also sensed the Conure’s suffering- it was the Tree that reacted most to it- to not only the pain caused by the piercing, but also to the pain that wrecked the bird within-that caused it to ultimately pierce its branch. The tree reacted at first by unhinging the birds through a current like shiver that passed through that branch and concurrently but also subtly, radiating an ionised dread that permeated and then fused into every part of creation and, in doing so, caused the creation itself to shudder- like one would- sensing a foreboding.

In the meantime, the birds thus abruptly unhinged, desperately flapped their wings to make their way back to that branch and once re-perched- both the Cockatoo and Macaw- glanced at the Conure.

“Your perturbations are most amusing, Conure… “remarked the Macaw, “… it’s like watching you lose your head over and over again! Metaphorically, of course!!”

“Ha! Ha! Sure… since it’s not your creation on the verge of implosion… is it?” Shot back the Conure, who while shook up with the turn of events, did not take lightly to being mocked.

“And there you go again with Yours! Mine!…. tsk! tsk! Why must you repeatedly forsake your privilege to appraise your ideas of truth?” inquired the Macaw.

“Leave him be, Macaw…” Squawked the Cockatoo, unperturbed by the event “…It is harder for him, no matter the number of times. The presence of an umbilical cord- physical or metaphysical- always establishes the presence of some form of attachment- be that umbilical cord cut or uncut.  Absolute detachment is tough to master.”  The Cockatoo continued “…anywho, we must hotfoot to that forest- Naimisha- and mull how we will intend to deal with this particular Kali- it will be a complex one and we would do well to invoke help… as always.”

“Yes, hurry we must, given how things have shaken up…” The Macaw responded, glancing at the Conure “…but I hope the Conure will join us soon though- it won’t help engaging in a banter with Kali, whom I sense the Conure is weighing on spying or meeting now … are you not Conure?”

The Conure flustered at having his thoughts being read like so- confessed “Yes, I do intend to see it—I do want to know, I want to gauge its plans for this time…I want to…”

” It won’t change a thing…” The Cockatoo said.

The three birds soon took to flight into the boundless darkness of the cosmos that pervaded beyond the auric confines of that Tree. And though that darkness was interspersed by a smattering of glittering galaxies- they were helpless in flooding their pink, violet, orange streaks of light outside the embrace of their arms and yet our intrepid parrots- saw their way through, like only they could. But before they all could reach Earth- the Golden one, as expected- diverged and reoriented its flight- skulking its way to that phantasmal form- that thing he most detested- that trigger code he wished he could override- that abomination which lay in prey of the planet which he so loved creating and which in turn was also awaiting the arrival of the Conure.

Grand papppppyyyyyy… you are here!!! Yaaay! Yaaay! You came to see me…. I’m so-so happy! Happyyyyyy is meee…Happyyyy is meeeeeee” a sing-songy childlike voice, in throes of hysteria spoke from that being who had yet to turn around and acknowledge the Conure’s presence.

The Conure was not surprised this time. He knew that both were always destined to meet by the force of their intentions. The Conure floated still in that darkness- mute by voice but seething in anger that emitted through its globular eyes that were transfixed upon that being.

“Oh, Come on, Dear GranPaaaa! Are you not happy to see me? Did you get me a toy? Yes? Yes! …. This beautiful marblesque bauble of Earth…that’s mine, right? Mine? All Mine right?” The being continued, its voice now taking a mock impish tone.

“If there was a way, I could get rid of you….” The Conure spoke finally breaking it silence.

“But you caaaant…right? Cannot! Nada! Zilch…No- Can- Do….” The impish tone cut in.

“I have no say in these matters.”

“You see my point? And so, what kind of a God, are you then?? Who will believe in you if you have no simple powers…bhwhahahah…How different are you than me? You create, I mess up…I’m just here to cool the “machinery” so to speak…. easy peasy, lemon squeezy… Just doing my job, and no hard feelings. Punto!”

“Are you flustered Darling, my Sweetheart of a Grandpa…then sit here, watch, and relax – you must be so tired of all your travels and travails. You see, I have something spectacular planned in my mind… an ode to demolition, a sonata of sorrow…all for you to see, a dirge of purge…it’s all child’s play for me”.

“It will never happen the way you intend it to be… we will fight you…”

“With what? Wit and Wisdom? I’m not falling for that anymore.” The impish tone bust into more cackling.

“Listen, Honey…. I can call you that right? Honey, Sweetie? No? Ok…Grand Pa…I intend to be memorable, the best villain you’ve ever let loose. See…I’ve started scoping already…look what I did to Dwarka…and I didn’t have to touch it even!  See…see…there…right there can you see it …21°24′0″N 89°31′0″W ” the thing tried to draw attention of the Conure to a particular spot.

“I sent one of my minion comets to nudge the Yucatan…as they will end up calling it- or more specifically, what they will call as Chicxulub. It went right thru…that comet…like on a suicide mission…. bwahaahaha….and hush, shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone…it’s the one that caused that place Dwarka to fall…and no ones the wiser…I just set of a chain of events on the other side of the planet…and see…BOOM Dwarka falls like a pack of cards!!! They should rename Dwarka toooo…let see now…Rubble!!! But nobody every asks me for my opinion…”

 “And what do you plan now?” The Conure asked, feigning composure

“Oh…so much more…so many delicious things more…. like…like…Oh! Wait…Wait! I see through you…I see what you are trying to do… trying to get information out of me are you…. should I tell you? Should I tell you???”

“Naaah…maybe not. But I will tell you the following…all the codes to your creation are flexible…they aint perfect…and I can hack them as hell …all I need to do is just plant a few bugs and watch things go…KABOOOM! I do love that word…it rings ruin! These human beings- these creatures… whom you so lovingly created… will carry out my task…the smarter they get, the easier it will be to mess with their minds…and bodies… a little virus here, a little bug there…a hint of greed, a dash of envy…a smattering of complexes…and there you have it…a delicious main of disaster…served cold of course…I can wait a bit. So…now tell me, what will you do…what can you Gods ever do? Huh? Huh?”

“What? I cant hear Grand Pappy…..Is You Unhappy? Do you hate me Gramps?…. Oh! he’s flown away… Hmm…Hate is such a powerful thing after all” smirked Kali.

…to be continued…

I offer this, humble offering of my writing, flawed as it is in many ways, at His and Her feet and at the feet of my Master…who is everything to me!

I offer my deep felt gratitude to you, oh! reader…who’s time and patience offered for this reading keeps me going.

This is a work of “myth- fiction” and many creative liberties have been used & so I also seek forgiveness for doing so.