Baby monkies have been my favourite since child hood when i had one as a toy who on putting Chaabi used to play cimbals, aswell the many who used to be stuck tightly to their mum s heart when she used to perform as angry Raam dulaari sitting on monkey charmers damroo…angry with her husband not looking at him ,but my favourite chutku baby monkey never disturbed his parents in performing the monkey dance! As child hood was pass over by my physical body( i have to remind myself still i m a mom) my fascination for baby monkey re arised when now my daughter weekly was visited by a monkey charmer who paddled his cycle with mumma monkey in front with her baby and daddy monkey tightly holding his master! On one occasion my love for baby monkey whom Charmer had named ” Kalmoohaa” due to his white body but black face grew so much that i wanted to own it as a pet! So i asked the monkey charmer its price…he saw my love for the infant and quoted a fat amount of rs 40,000 back in 2003 which was too much for me ,so i haggled with him and he agreed on 25,000 rs which ofcouse i would have given from my present savings …logical husband would have never agreed to spend as much on my pet passion! But i said to the Monkey charmer,i could only give the amount next week after my family agrees to co house Kalmoooha! A research was conducted in publuc library books which said baby monkeys are cute and lovable but as they grow to adults they become messy,agressive and indisciplined! They r so obsessed by their care taker in our case which would be yours only…they dont let them interact with any one else ,aswell with human food and no excercise they can develop bothersomne diabetes and with no social interaction with their community they become irritated, screaming or biting and get messy and aggressive! Also they can never be toilet trained,though i had a solution of making Kalmooha wear diapers but the last nail in coffin was put on my heart to get to know ,keeping monkeys as a pet is a punishable crime in India! As the d day of Kalmooha being mine came ,my head over powered my heart and i started seeing my kids only as baby monkey! KALMOOHA u r still in my heart!