Many battles had taken place in kailash. Mahakali had also slayed many demons. So the environment of kailash was not peaceful. So Indradev, lord Ganesha and lord Kartikeya came to the place where mahadev and devi Parvathi were. They told that the environment of the kailash was not peaceful. So Ganesha suggested mahadev and Mahakali to do tandav nrithya, so that the energy from the tandav nrithya will bring back the peace which was there  before.

Kanyakumari 2


Mahadev and devi Parvathi agreed and fixed a particular date. Devi Parvathi invited a special guest for  music. He was mahadev’s supreme devotee. Mahadev had given thousand hands as a boon to him. He could change his size of the body whenever he wanted to change. He was Banasur. Devi Parvathi had invited him to sing a song and play drums with his thousand hands so that it was heard everywhere. Banasur was happy to go to kailash because he would get a boon after the tandav nrithya.

Kanyakumari 3

Banasur went to kailash. Before tandav nrithya started lord Vishnu came and warned devi Parvathi that Banasur’s presence in the tandav nrithya may bring a bad outcome. But devi parvathi told that nothing would happen but by chance if something happens she would be responsible for that. Then the tandav nrithya began, Banasur sung magnificently. After the tandav nrithya kailash had regained it’s peace. Banasur went towards mahadev and Mahakali (devi Parvathi) and asked them to give him a boon. Mahakali and mahadev agreed.

Kanyakumari 4 

Banasur asked Mahakali to give him a boon that he could only be killed by a girl child. Mahakali gave him the boon. Then he asked mahadev to give him boon that once in his lifetime whenever he is in trouble he would call mahadev and mahadev had to come and destroy his enemy at that time. Mahadev gave him the boon. Then Banasur went back to his place with arrogance.

Let’s see if Banasur uses his boon to do good things for the universe or bad in my next post. Until then stay safe and happy 🙂🙏.

Har har mahadev!

Jai mata di!