Attachment means we are doing things only to gratify our senses. But, when one is detached, one does not desire the results of one’s action. 

Any attachment is a cause for bondage and suffering. So, one should perform the duties without any attachment to the results or the fruits of the labor. 

The question that arises from here is, is it possible to get detached?

Yes, it is indeed possible. 

We are convinced that in this material world, we are the doer of the activities. It is our false ego that makes us believe this and we are ready to take the credit for it. But it is not so. 

If we understand the difference between working in devotion and working for fruitive results, we shall be able to get rid of this desire for outcomes. 

Thus, whatever work or duty that we discharge should be surrendered with complete devotion to Lord. This will help us get detached from the bondage of results. Being conscious of this, we shall be able to free ourselves from the entanglement of the reactions of our work. 

The Lord also says in Gita (3.30):

” Resign all works unto me. “

So, perform duties equipoised, by given up any attachment to its success or failure. 



Dr. Chitvan.