KARMA: what is karma. what we did in our past . or we are getting results in this birth. we are only puppets in the hands of GOD ; but still we get rewards and

punishments for our karma. is marriage also the effect of our karma. what is the truth behind reincarnation , getting same partner for  SEVEN Consecutive births-

is it TRUE?

KARMA : why we are held responsible for our karma . when its being controlled by GOD.; how and where we will lead our lives.

CAN we change our destiny ; what has already been written

MARRIAGE : is marriage the effect of karma ; HOW MARRIAGE AND KARMA are inerconnected . how other relations are related to Karma.

DOES KARMA reflect in our horoscopes. do we get relations based on our KARMA in our past life.

IS there any conncetion between our relatives in this birth with our previous birth

IS ABUSE in marriage results from your BAD KARMAS of your previous birth

Why , inspite of you serving others selflessly , will change your BAd karmas of previous birth