Be a kind human and restore the faith in humanity.

I’m not professional writer but I want to share one story from my own experience in this pandemic world facing around,

The time was so hard during this second wave hospitals were overburdened,everyone was fighting for the breath, I was the one in among all, I was fighting for one of my neighbour to get hospitalized because he was out of breath and aged to, while that battle was continuing many more were there in queue hopeless and tired at mid night 1 am in Ahmedabad Gujarat at GMDC ground for hospitalizing their near and dear one,

Finally we got the bed at that time around 10 more people jumped in to with argument if m getting the bed why don’t they? I was not under dilema wether I would need to let go my bed as the others severity were more so they might get priority,

For a while the battle continued more and one patient lost her life, I was nervous, but we kept on fighting finally at a time they admitted 10 15 patients who were with me in that fight by surrendering their by laws and we were at calm,

While returning to home at 02:30 am I show some kind of peace and relaxation on faces of relatives whose patients were get admitted, they even thanked to me that “with my patient their relatives also got chance to get admitted”

While I see one case also there who was top government official and admitted his father by references he had , we requested him for us but he denied straight forwardly,I wish he had used his power for general people like us too,

Dont be a specific authoritative be a general authoritative if your are in possession of real good power, use it for public at large and not only for self,

While returning home I show the queue was increasing tremendously I felt I could have done something for them to but I have to satisfy my self with this much also,

Here I want to convey ,if u can do anything for yourself you can do it for others too don’t become selfish ,you never know to whom your are giving aid is in how much need, may be it is of life time for him/her,


So just do it and restore the faith in humanity…