Recently there has been a medical situation at home. 4 family members are sick out of 6 and 2 of whom are invalids. So, primarily it was me and husband caring for the rest of the family. It was a new and tough situation for me to handle. Nursing is a full-time job and demands a lot from a person both mentally and physically. The foremost lessons being courage, patience, a stable and calm mind.

My husband comes from a joint family and has always donned the mantle of a carer whenever anyone had to be admitted to a hospital in the past. And whenever I would be visiting the family member in the hospital, I would find my hubby cheerful, gobbling at some snacks or munching on some sweets from the hospital canteen.

And immediately I would wander how can he do that? How can he be cheerful at a time like this or even bring himself to eat in such a depressing environment? Basically, it was my judgmental mind judging him, but without realizing so.

This time however I saw the situation up close and from a different angle( maybe all the compassion and mindfulness is working). I now know that it is his way of maintaining his cheer and spirit. And it is so essential for to care for someone else first you need to be positive, healthy and at your best.

If you yourself are bogged down by the scene, which used to be my case most of the times, then how can you help the other person? If someone has fallen in a ditch you can’t fall down too! What’s the point? In fact, you have to garner all your strength and stamina to give a hand to the other person.

So, this time I joined hands with him when he bought all his favorite sweets and snacks to keep us going through our nursing duties. I too decided to go ahead and do whatever it takes to cheer myself. Eat my favorite food, listen to music, get flowers, read a book, whatever works! All of this without disturbing the patient of course and not really caring about what others are gonna think about me.

People who understand are not gonna judge…So, I am doing whatever it takes to keep up my spirits and everyone is going to recover soon! 

Hats off to all the Covid Doctors and Nursing staff who are caring for the patients and working to bring a cheer to them. Take care everyone!!