Today is celebrated as a victory over evil, as Vijay Dashmi. But fast forward a few thousand years, in an ultra-modern world. Life is so digitally intertwined with so many options to stay connected and create personal avatars.

No one can tell the difference of who is who until the avatar tells the truth. Once to save this world, few avatars of the Lord came into being. But we humans have avatars more than sand grains in the world. Well, you can understand where I am getting to. This digital integration in current life has created so many havocs, and it still succeeds over in the priority list for almost all. And we end up being digital slaves (of course unknowingly…we think so).

Connecting to festivities of today, and listening to Om Swamiji here, about the person whom we call as one of the evilest people. Very beautifully explained here.

Also, let me share a little bit about the story –

Jai and Vijay being the gatekeepers of palace in Vaikunth & ardent bhakt of Lord Vishnu. In series of events they were cursed by “Kumaras” for misbehavior, So that they have to become Mortals and to be born on earth, far away from Lord Vishnu. But they begged for mercy, Once a curse is stated, cannot be taken back, so to ease the distress of curse “Kumaras” ,They gave Two options to Jai-Vijay –

1. Stay away from Lord but as friends for 7 lives on Earth.

2. Stay away from Lord but as enemies for 3 lives on Earth.

Guess what, they chose second option, as they could not stay away from Lord for 7 lives & moreover as enemies they will remember Lord every waking moment on earth.

First Life on earth, they were born as Hiranyaksha & Hiranyakashipu.

Second life as Ravan (link) and Kumbhkaran.

Third life as Shishupal and Dantavakra.

Everything we hear, do, act upon is NOT necessarily always Bad or Ugly. Goodness does prevail. Here I personally want to say mellow down the presence of digital control of your emotions/thought process. Such that we at any level can stand and do see things like Lord Rama and Ravan both, to follow Dharma of Husband and Dharma of a Brother. And acquire that level of strength and purity to be with Maa & Lord.

In current life on overdrive with instant solutions for practically everything. We are pretty much living a paralyzed life. Where dependency is on Phone, its model, internet speed, pokes to messages, likes to subscribe, trending to swag…what not.

With everything happening in a snap, in a blink with pictures. Looking for partners for physical reasons. Wasting away time looking at others’ life.

I believe we on this day should wow to let go of our attachments with false digital priorities of an avatar.

Social media Fasting, Rationing of Social connect, De-Clutter, Re-set (link), many words are defined to smoothen the kinks in our social persona.

Our Swamiji has so many beautiful ways to grace his love to all and guide us.

Let’s bow and wow together to Lord to follow the path shown by him.

Raavan is Not bad but Raavanta is…- Om swami

Sincere obeisance to Om Swami Ji, his grace and blessings be there on all of us.

Jai Shri Hari !!!

Thank you for your kindness & support.  Hope I could connect?

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Pic Credit: Designed in Canva