As my school had reopened after almost two years, I am all happy to go back to school. Today, I wish to share a small incident with a beautiful lesson.

Here’s that:-

A few days back, I went to school. My friends were having fun and talking to each other. Suddenly our class teacher came and she wanted someone to monitor the floor at lunch time. She looked at me and asked Veer would you monitor in recess. You have to go just 5 minutes before when recess is about to over. Those who wish to fill their water bottle, ask them to make a line and take water. Once recess is over, you have to tell them recess is over, please come in next period. So, I said ok ma’am I will do it and went to point with one of my friends. So in recess we did what ma’am had told me. After recess I waited for 2 to 3 minutes and after that a boy came who was so cute and small. He said to me” bhaiya bharne do na bottle”. I was so happy that someone called me bhaiya for the first time in school. So, I felt happy and melted with his warm words & said ok you can fill it. Then, went back into the class. When I came back home, I shared this with my Bua and she realised how warm words can melt anybody’s heart and the power of gentle speech.


This is the power of gentle speech. In my home too when I speak gently to my sister and ask her to do something for me, then she happily does that for me.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏 

Keep Smiling  😊 

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