Last week while I halted at one of the traffic signals, I saw one mother carrying a small baby and requesting for money. I never used to give money to the people asking from the traffic signals, as I used to believe that they are doing that for people whose primary business is making money through begging. That day the signal took more time than usual time as they were awaiting for the VIP vehicle to cross. The lady went on knocking my car window. I began comparing her situation with the recent news I read about people losing their jobs due to the current condition across the world. Employees need to work hard to retain their position in the corporate world. This lady, too, must be trying her best to hold her job; hence I decided to change my mind and gave her some money. She took the money and disappeared without even thanking me as her target must be in the next car standing the signal.
I am sharing my experience with you just to remind you that the current state of affairs has produced so many challenges in people’s life; hence please try to help those who are approaching you if your financial condition allows you to do so. Do not think how they will use this money. Thank you, all my friends. Please continue to stay safe and do not lose kindness towards fellow human beings.