Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.

Jackie Chan.



We all do RAK, and who else but Om Swami’s family knows about the importance of Raks? This community lives to do one RAK at a time and finds chances throughout the day to do one. We don’t look back and try to figure out when our karma will return and work for us (I know and believe that this is true for all of us, one big RAK family).We would come across stories in our lifetime where these RAKs had changed the lives of people or animals, and we have studied many of them on Black Lotus; if you want to experience the magic, go to the Black Lotus website and read these stories, which will leave you speechless..

But what is it that can make you just think and try to work around the kindness that you show to someone? I don’t know the origin of this story, but I have studied a lot of them with different characters. The story goes as follows: a young boy who used to live with his single mother returned home from school one day to find his mother feverish and lying in bed with a doctor’s prescription.He asked about the medicines, about which the mom kept quiet, and then we took out his piggy bank and took all the change he had and ran to the medicine shop to get the medicines. After reaching the medical store, he handed over the prescription and waited for the medicines. The owner handed him over the medicine and bill, to which he gave all the change he had and kept his head down. When I inquired about it, he told me the truth and started crying. The owner understood the situation and handed him all the medicine along with some fruit and juices, which the boy took while keeping his head down.

Fast forward 30 years, and the same old man was admitted to the hospital to get heart surgery, and when the bill was given to the family, they were running to make ends meet. The doctor who operated on the old man visited him and inquired about his health before leaving. After a few hours, the nurse came with a new bill that read, “Paid in full with juice and fruits, Dr. Signature.”


I know the story is old and widely circulated on YouTube and other online platforms, but believe me when I say that your good deeds will not go unnoticed; they will, but in due time. As Swami often says, nature is a giant ship that takes time to turn around, so be patient and keep doing good; we don’t know when the signed bill will be for us.