Today I had to face the wrath of one aunty from other lane while I was handing over one fruit and some money to a women with cow(I call amba). There was a small opening in between our apartment boundary through which I was handing over, apparently it was other lane and closer to that Aunty house.

Aunty told dont teach them by giving one or the other thing everytime, if at all you want to give ask her to come in your lane but not my lane near my house. I told Ok Aunty sure with smile. I came back and my family also give me a piece of mind saying stop this overdoing.

I felt painful within, how to fight when everyone around make you feel like as if you have commited any mistake, make you feel guilty.

I quickly remember Anu Om Ji’s post I read yesterday, when you feel “aah” just replace with “waah”. 😊 Feeling bit better.😊

This women visited first time when I have just begin my meditation on Sri Hari and Maa. I felt the urge to give some thing. I provided fruit and some money. She asked me if she has any saree. I told next time. Already the same aunty was not happy and saw she said something to the women. Next time again when she came, I was ready with unused new saree. My family was not happy as some belived these people do some black magic so stopped me to give any cloth. I told my family that saree is unused so by logic we are good. Anyway I gave her saree as I promised  her last time and told myself whatever happens happens to me only not anyone in family. Both the times I naman to amba as the women feed her fruit. This time, although I saw aunty in ugra roop, I still went ahead as we just finished beautiful Navaratri Sadhana, how can I just ignore her. Seeing the wrath of aunty, I gave her fruit money and quickly escaped without Naman.

I am not sure if this women will ever return and if I would be able to provide anything next time . In the view of so called public, I and the women are the wrong people in this world.  

 उनकी नज़र मे हम पागल हैं , हमारी नज़रो को इंसानियत कम लगी,

अगर गिनती देखकर सही गलत का फैसला हुआ, तो इंसानियत उठने से रही ।