1. Hello everyone this is my first post on this loving platform.

Today, I went for cycling. I climbed up a little high mountain, meditated there and came down. I was on the way to my home then suddenly I saw a person who was asking for help. He was speaking Hindi. I went there and told him what do u wanna ask. He asked some address, then I asked such questions like where are you coming from. He told me he is retd. Subedar from Indian army. Then I told him the right way to his destination. Then we were talking I came to know that he is hungry from three days as his suitcase was stolen by some thiefs. Then I walked 30 min with him and offered him food and water. He accepted it hesitantly. Then I showed him the way as I’ve to go in opposite direction. 

    When I was in conversation with him and helping him to relieve his stress( as some people behaved in wrong way with him) I felt Divine in me. I felt real happiness and contentment. I felt like never before. So this act of kindness has given me some invaluable. I hope everyone help everyone to grow. 

   May Divine direct me to help a lot more and make me more kind. 

   First post to lotus feet of guru ji😊

Love and peace ❣️


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