Trying to remove all mental conditioning of being judged or how to be looked upon today I m sharing an inappropriate incident which I have only shared with my Daughter who got the confidence to share similar incident happening with her too after my confiding in her. It was 15 years back on one Sunday night that we had to rush for getting emergency stitches on my daughter s eye brow .Since Sundays most private doctors are unavailable, I called my family Doctor Uncle who is my father’s freind aswell age ,whether we can bring our 6 year old for dressing for a bleeding wound! Doctor uncle was on some marriage party but being a very caring family freind he agreed to leave the party and reach his clinic from his party venue and I along with my brother in law and crying daughter went from our house to the clinic reaching almost at same 10.30 pm..Anyways Doctor uncle was kind enough to not charge us anything aswell give us immideate treatment. ( he is a father figure aswell as an extremely kind man who even gives poor patients 100 rs from his side to have milk if they r week).On my  saying thanks and moving out from clinic he gave a quick peck on my lips! Being a conditioned brained it was very not normal for me ,rather was shocking and I kept pondering whether he wanted to kiss my forehead to bless me when I was thanking him profusely, but I smelt alcohol from his mouth,so was it a mistake or deliberate, we had met him since I was 5 and never anything like that ever take place.I had no courage to discuss this with my Father,husband or any freind ,Some 2 years back I just casually discussed this with my then 19 year old daughter who said mom last I went to a freind s ( boy ) house and  said bye to him, he brushed his lips on mine! Then she said Mummy because we keep forgiving and not raising an alarm thinking it’s a mistake they take Our advantage. Has any thing o this ever happened to you or your loved one? What did u suggest them?