I stare at your magnificent form pure and true

So in love with you, I am such that my heart lies solemnly at stake

I yearn for you, O Lord of the raincloud hue

For your beautiful self, my heart does ache.

I hear your gentle whisper as the koel loftily lifts her notes

To match the sweet voice of yours, the one that sounds divine

I yearn for you, O Lord with the mysterious smile

For your sweet self, my heart does pine.

I feel your laughter about in the garden under the peepul tree

As I see your reflection in its leaves as upon them the sun does shine

O solemn lord resting upon the serpent great

Pray leave me not so, pray leave your lover a sign.

A/N: I apologise for the rather short length. I intended to continue it later, but couldn’t figure out what to write. That being said, I’m so grateful to you for reading the post, and I thoroughly apologise for not commenting much on others’ blogs, school’s made my schedule rather tight, been working hard for all of you 🙃. I promise to get to them soon! Much love to all of you! Thank you so much again and Jai Sri Hari!

Stay happy forever! 

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