What are you doing right now? A common question and the most common answer is” Kuch Nai”.

Life can be funny sometimes, and the answers can be more funny. Still, remember a night out with friends maybe 20 years back when life was hassle-free. All drunk and dancing it would have been 3 in the morning when we realized two friends missing from the party and found them sleeping in the adjoining room.

One prankster of our team went in and shock the hell out of the two and when they were awake asked what happened and the answer of the prankster was Kuch nai bas ye puch raha tha ki tum so rahe ho ke nai. Ok, ab so jao.

The other busted in laughter and the two were ok and went back to sleep.

This reminds me of the situations which we find in our daily life, where people sometimes fake with this answer Kuch nai.

·       A crying mom if asked by a kid Maa kya hua, Kuch Nai and a hug is the next thing sometimes loud cries.

·       A crying friend when asked by the other friend Kya hua Tujhe…… Kuch nai yaar and then again a hug and loads of tears.

·       A crying student when asked by a teacher What happened betu Ji…. Kuch nai sir and then the tears are wiped and maybe after a week or so that student will visit the teacher and open their heart out,

·       When a depressed colleague is asked by another one What happened …. Kuch Bhi nai toh …. And then a pause and maybe there is no conversation on the same ever.

·       When a sibling finds the other one crying in the bed, Kya hua Tujhe ….. Kuch Bhi toh nai bas aise hi…  and the next second please mummy ko mat batana…

Why has life been so harsh to us when we grow up and when we fight the worst fight of our life, why is it so that life has so much for us and we keep on pondering on the worst phase of our life? Why is so that we can’t open up to the people we used to be open to, why has the life changed so much why can’t talk to our siblings, friends, colleague, partner and parents without being judged, why has this gap filled in our life and why this has taken over.

Why can’t we go back and be the old self when we used to cry for the other and we used to feel the hurt that others had.

Why this Kuch nai … which meant nothing has taken over us and has changed the way to hide things at large.