While i was on viral fever sick leave once in our leisure weekend moments i took out some old black scrap book type big brass ringed heavy albums from top of the upper most Almira ( after 7 years) , we all flipped the pages which were in a very delicate state to see my parents marriage photographs, to their honeymoon ones ,to my 40 days visit to studio and hill station visits with traditional rentals dresses of the particular state visited, their among those albums ,i could see a family with 2 young sons ,one almost my and other age or 3- 4 years elder accompanying us to different parks, restaurant and movie halls too ,i asked my dad who were they and suddenly as ( 20 saal baad yaadaasht waapas ana) lightening he remembered, why are we searching Boys for you here and there ,we had promised that u and Sharmajee kaa beta will get married when you grow! Sharmajee was my Father s boss in i.t.d.c and had lived in adjacent official accommodation which my parents with me had moved into in Kashmir from my age of 6 months to 2 years ! There elder son Sonu was 4 years elder to me and younger son Monu ,an year elder , since we were from similar state ,cast and eating habbit aswelll as financial back ground that time , Uncle had said to my dad, ” Kyu na iss dosti ko hum rishtedari mei badal dei” ,when kids grow We will marry them! Suddenly i started feeling like Saudagar movie’s Manisha Koirala and my Vivek mushran waiting for me nadeeyaa ke paar , Thank god ,like in Bollywood, we had no family disputes! Sharma uncle had actually changed job to Oberoi hotels in Banglore chain ,so with no contact ,we were clue less about Sonu s studies ,career and nature! But where there is a will there is a way ,so all old contacts were summoned and ultimately we got Sharma uncle s phone number! As my father dialed his number ,he was as warm ,caring and courteous! The distance and time gap had changed nothing in his heart! As the conversation matured ,Sonu was mentioned and uncle told he is 6ft 2 inches, an n.i.i.t trainer aswell due to flawless English and political knowledge ,some M.p.s speach writer as well very humble and without bad habits of drinking and smoking! They had even made a big house in Delhi s Inderpuri area! So all this suited me and we decided we ll visit them on next coming weekend! I was sure now no more anxiety abd excitement on how ll my life partner or his family be ,we knew Sharmas so well! So on following Saturday all 3 of us went with a big Grapes box driving in my 800 car to Sharma s house ,they were very hospitable and even made vegetable which were our family s favourite 15 years back! I was happy inside ,thinking no Saas bahu chick chick ,Sharma aunty pampers me ,During all the visit Sonu just came when we were about to leave ,touched my parents feet and said hello to me ,he seemed quite decent and polished! His dad introduced us…This is Madhukaant ,and he Gets married to Shehensha restaurant and Raathi trans port s owner s daughter, 3 months from now! We were quiet quite, they had chosen money and comfort calculating a financialy dowry giving Family who needed an Heir for their business! The dosti never converted to Rishtedaari but faded away! For more matrimonial candidates…keep following!

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