Letter to Nancy

Nancy, a certain change has taken place in my heart and consciousness since listening one of Gurudeva’s videos. 

You know Nancy, I was not aware that I was lacking something. I used to feel somewhat proud that I love Bhagwan and Bhagwan loves me. I didn’t know that I was lacking faith in their existence itself. I didn’t know something was missing.

Gurudeva said,

“They exist. Mother Divine or Sri Hari… like Hari and Sri. Absolutely real! They can change the course of your life in the blink of an eye. Even that is an understatement. Before you can blink they can change the course of billions of life forms and planets”

After hearing this, I felt warmth in the midst of my heart. I didn’t know what it was. But whatever I was lacking probably it went away. 

You know probably from class VIII, I am talking to Baba (Bhagwan) and Maa. I never thought that my faith was lacking somewhere. I never thought I still had doubt about their existence. But probably I have settled now. 

Look how Gurudeva’s words work. Only few said-words, bring this bigger change in me. It’s not a change but it probably has established in me firmly. Now, if anyone asks me about Their existence, my answer will be a firm, sharp ‘Yes!’, without an iota of doubt or without any delay.

So this was it which I wanted to share with you. It’s a great feeling to talk to you, Nancy. You help me to write my feelings. Thank you!

My pranaam to dear Gurudeva, Maa and Baba.💮🌸🌺

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