Oh my golden Mother
of the sweetest hue
clad in red
a shade of crackling dawn
so radiant are You
the world fades abysmally
in your mesmerising attendance

The colours in nature
the flowers the bees
birds and trees
You wear their skin
as morning glory blooms
the deep purple becomes You
Beautiful is your countenance
no pen no brush may capture it

Of all your divine names
Lakshmi-Narayana has a special ring to it
You are one with Him
and He with You
You bewitch Bhagwan
You enchant the three worlds
Mother I bow to You
to the Universe in your palm

O Hiranmayi
I close my eyes
and your beautiful face
stares back at me
Your gentle soothing energy a force
calling out to me
drowning every sorrow in the
honeyed lake of your gaze

O Devi Padma
whether it’s the winter sunshine
or the grey clouds
peeping from behind the sky
Your loveliness is etched
in the seasons that come by
Yours is the great beauty
that captivates the soul
bounds it to You irrevocably

You are the wealth
of the rich and the poor
there’s no treasure greater than You
for your one glance
is worth bullions of gold
O lotus eyed Kamakshi
who showers Her grace
please fill my heart with your love

O Goddess Lakshmi
I’ve taken You as my Mother
cuddle me as You care for
the tusked Vinayaka
and the six faced Skanda
You are Gauri
You are Gayatri
You are Lord Hari

With the deepest reverence
in the pink softness
of your delicate life-giving feet
I place my head
once in a while O Goddess
please ruffle my hair
stroke this little head
to let know You are with me

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