Blog – Learn from Kangaroo mothering
It is very very important to take care of infant like kangaroo mothering , female kangaroo has a  small cavity of a baggage over the belly where kangaroo keeps the infant child in the bag to protect from other animal and also in turn , the infant is under the contact of the heart of mother , therefore they are considered to be healthy and intelligent
Therefore it is mandatory and necessary to mother who has a infant child to keep contact the child with their chest and heart , as a result of it the child will be healthy and would be intelligent 52 % more comparatively to the child who is not being taken care by mother by keeping in touch with chest , the study has revealed ,
Indian mother should take care of her child like kangaroo mothering if they wish that their child should healthy and intelligent. Further to add that In China , mother is called helicopter mother , they are hovering over child when they go for play or outside the house.

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