It is not an unusual feeling and almost every one of us at one or some other point in time goes through a mindset that we are not doing enough of what we could have done in our life. A fear of feeling left behind starts encompassing us.  I do feel so sometimes (but very less than I used to feel earlier) and I know I am not alone. So far many things I have achieved in my life personally as well as professionally, but other people of my age have accomplished more than me. Of course, I have my own repository of negative thoughts too about where I am now and my expectations of where I should be now. However, life happens and things don’t always go as per our plans.

Why does this feeling emerge?

The human mind has a proclivity towards negativity … We often focus on bad things or what we are lacking in our lives rather than our accomplishments. We measure our life according to the parameters set by others,  norms given to us by family, peers, and society. We compare and start questioning our abilities and our uniqueness. But the fact is whatever we do, there is always someone better and smarter than us. And of course, we will always be better than someone too.

How to overcome this feeling ( My views)

*Instead of comparing …focus on what your meaning of success is, according to your goals (maybe personal, professional, or spiritual), and try not to be influenced by other’s notion of success. You do not know the realities of other’s lives.

* Try to reframe your thoughts and focus on things that you have done right.  Remember that your experience and everything you have learned so far helped in your growth by shaping you as you are today. But it is not an excuse to justify yourself. In fact, your efforts to become a better version of yourself are always needed in life but in a much positive way instead of your despair by comparing with others.

*Follow your dreams and do all the hard work required to fulfill them, but keep in mind that we all have a different journey and there is no such thing as left behind.  We do not get equal opportunities in life. Our strengths, weaknesses, habits, environment, choices, and decision-making capabilities are different from each other, hence comparison and subsequent despair are irrelevant. Each of us is unique. Respect your uniqueness because that is your potential to become you in the true sense.   We get to go on our own journey. Appreciate others who may achieve things before we do. Instead of lamenting the thought that you are left behind, stop being hard on yourself and enjoy the process by learning, trying, accepting, and growing. 


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