Let me be…let me be
a long silence
and then again the yearning
to be
to quit the world
to curl underneath your shade
be allowed a glimpse
an experience of what it’s like
to un-know everything
to know You…
Not another person another thought
half-empty conversations
those mindless calculations
to close the door
on all the spirited chores
the world deems important…
Bid farewell to a life
laid out by the diktat of generations
as if finding death
a resting place while still alive
to be so free
in mind and spirit
so as not to question His will…
To find oneself walking a lane
that leads outside the city
jump across the gates of hell
all the way to the house of God
where a sweetness
a softness so unique dwells
it cuts all chords
makes me unattached…
As if everything worth anything
is long gone
now here I stand before You willingly
to rest my lost self
in the shade of your love
a wilful child
soothed by your gentle touch…
O Lord who have awakened me
now please put me to sleep
just as I tire the world
the world too squeezes me
in You I’ve always known rest
rejuvenate me
help me un-know
so that I may know You with my love…

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