Jai Sri Hari!

I hope you all are doing well.

We have seen this many time when you keep your clothes for drying in sunlight, you keep it up to a certain time as its not good to keep clothes whole day in that sunlight when the temperature reaches 40 degrees. Why So? Simple, it will fade if exposed to sunlight for a long period. But look at the leaves there, lush green.


Because they are natural. Created by Mother Nature. Whatever Mother Nature creates it never fades. Man made color will fade with the time but the colors given by nature will never fade. Yes it is possible if flower or any leaf fall down then it may get faded. But if they stay to their basis, stem, they’ll never fade.

This is our life. If we keep adding materialistic colors in our life they will fade. But if we let the nature to color ourselves it will never fade up to the end. If you stay connected to the nature by living in the feeling of gratitude, you are going to stay permanently green till the death. Falling of flower or leaf signifies the death….. We have to stay to the basic morals of our life….

So let the Nature to color your life.

Jai Sri Hari!

To batao kaun kaun kis kis rang me range huye hai?

Pic credits: wallpaperforyou