Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

I offer my obeisance to the divine Lotus feet of Shri Gurudev.

I hope you all are fine… let’s pray to divine to bless us in this pandemic.

As usual today we, me and my cousins, we went for evening walk. I live in Himachal so I can’t say it’s walk πŸ˜…. Trek is better word to use here…

In starting I was very enthusiastic but in the mid way I was exhausted not completely but yes 60% I can say.

Anyhow, we reached the top of the peak… This place is so beautiful, one can feel themselves connected to Divine there.

There is a small temple of Lord Shiva, I offered some flowers of my garden there. It’s a small temple usually closed to don’t worry I took precautions.

After offering our prayers we are going to the place where we used to sit daily.

Unfortunately, today our place was occupied by newly married couple. My brother was ready to ruin their privacy, I said him let’s wait here, let them enjoy πŸ˜‚… They are enjoying the new bond….. Baad me to kyaa hoga hame pata hi hai aage chal kar., Kuch pal jeene do inhe zindagi ke.

Anyhow, 30 minutes went like this. And by now my brother was completely frustrated, he said:- “Abhi kabab me haddi banta hu πŸ˜‚“.

I said: “Bhaiya chalo thora door chalte ye Hamari zameen thori hai ye prakriti hai sabhi ki hai”.

Any how we found some good place to sit there…

I’ll share some pics of the place…

Please whenever you see newly wed couples sitting in peace then let them enjoy….

But if you see older people then please go and interrupt them. May one of them is in need of an escape and yo’ll get the chance to become their savior.

The picture I shared with you in display, you can imagine if I move my camera to the right then I can have the view of that couple. I didn’t captured them because I don’t want to be kabab me haddi.

Here are some pics:

Thanks for reading. πŸ€—