Funny thing about sleep, one of the most amazing important things in our life, is that you can’t “do” anything about it.
Like you need to get up to walk, sprint to run but with sleep it is just more like letting go.
It is more of undoing than doing.

And yet coming back to last night, so many of us had different experiences.
Some of us had a good sleep last night while others twisted and turned to catch a few hours of sound sleep

Some were awakened by a thunder in the sky, others by a crying baby.
Some were disturbed by a snore and others were unperturbed even by an avalanche.

But you know what was the commonality between a lot of us? We woke up and are reading this message right now. Problems in life are like the sleep that deludes some and yet some people just get it too easy but ever think about those who never woke up?

I know their problems just came to an end but so did life and if they had a chance they might have chosen to stay with the problems and continued with their life. Right?

Just a thought for all of us reading this message whenever you feel you have a lot to complain about, remember there were more than 100,000 people who never woke up this morning.

Let’s always find a reason to be grateful.

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