It’s been ages we talked, we sat together and had a moment together. It been ages we walked together in silence, its been ages we just had no conversation, but only listening to each other’s breath. How long it has been for you when you spent your quality time with your best friend “Nature.”

When was the last that you sat in the shade of a tree and just had loads of oxygen intake? When was last when you stood with a tree and talked your heart out, mind it, he is a friend who won’t judge you and not even run away but will listen to every word you speak with the patience you deserve.

When was that you walked along a river or a stream and had that feeling that the water walks with you and you listen to the natures play of the music sometimes slow sometime rhythmics and someone time it is full of fury.

With the rat race of success and life full of gadgets, we all have forgotten our true selves and try to find happiness in the materialist world. It is a fact, and if we study the lives of the most successful, we find that they all talk to themselves and have their time when they do what they love the most. At least once a day for at least 15 min we can spend that quality time with ourselves. We have forgotten to align ourselves with nature and go with the flow. We have become so obsessed with materialistic possessions that we have forgotten the power of small smiles in our life.

Stoping and giving it a thought that who we are is not that tough, but how we have evolved and structured our lives makes it challenging for us to find peace. Give it a try; maybe you will find your true self and your faithful friend once again.