Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

Jai Shri Hari!

I offer my obeisance to the Divine in you.

I hope you all are fine and doing great in your sadhana of both types(May be you have some aim to achieve any materialistic thing or may be you want that divine peace). I’m not suggesting you to sit in some asana and do some yogic practices to bring your all consciousness to one thing.  I’ll suggest a simple way which I uses too. Whatever you are doing, whatever anything, if you reminds the divine, any form or formless, just remember their feet, their lotus feet. Feel that your power is these feet and you are under them… Just try to remember their feet. Feel that you are their child… Cry for them. When you’ll come to give me your darshans. Oh Hari! Oh Gurudev! I just want to touch your lotus feet and I want to offer my soul to you, after all its yours only..

Today I’m choosing few lines of a Rasik Saint of Vrindavan. His name was Bholanath, when he got to know about Vrindavan he left everything after the death of his wife and child and started to live as a saint in Vrindavan. Later on when Shrimati Radhika came she said to him, you are my sakhi(friend) Bhori Sakhi. So he came in light by the name of Bhori Sakhi. He offered his whole life to the divine. In these lines he’s singing the divine glory of Divine Mother Shri Radhika’s feet. 

Here are the lines:

सहज जलज सुंदर प्यारी पद नीकैं।
साधन और लागत अति फीके।।

शीतल मकरंद भरे सुख रस भीने ।
श्याम मधुप जिन रस बस कीने।।

सुंदर श्याम प्यारो दावानल पी कैं।
जियत आसरे मनु इनहीं कैं।।

प्रेम विवश निसी दिन इनहिं हिय लावे।
नाग राज विष ताप नसावे।।

चूमी चूमी इनकौ इनके रस पाग्यो।
तुरत पूतना विष सब भाग्यो।।

जब घुमड़ी मैन सैन बांकी आवे।
तब मोहन शरण यहां पावे।।

सुर तरु पतितन के अधम उद्धारण ।
मो अभाग्य मिटवे के कारण।।

सरबस श्री हरि के दाता सबके रे।
आशा धन जीवन गति मेरे।।

इतनौ नित टेर टेर मांगै “भोरी”।
राखिए मोहि चरण रस बोरी।

I’ll translate for you: (@DivyaJi google translator will not translate this in better way)

  1. The sweet, soft, simple feet of Shri Radha Rani are close to my heart and I feel like all other ways of getting the divine state are smaller in front of their feet, means just take shelter of Divine’s feet, you’ll get everything.
  2. Cool, full of divine love nectar, the divine feet of Shri Radha Rani has that power which is making Shri Hari to fall for her.
  3. When Krishna took all fire in to his mouth in his leela, he’s alive just because he’s having these lotus feet in his heart, what it means that even Shri Hari is taking  shelter of Divine lotus feet.
  4. Krishna was able to tolerate Kaliya Naag’s poison because of these lotus feet only.
  5. Krishna was able to drink Putna’s poisonous milk because of his love for these lotus feet only.
  6. When the army of Kamdev comes to attack Shri Krishna, he hold these feet close to his heart and then he defeats the Kaam.
  7. The shelter for all God, human, everyone is these lotus feet only, they will change everything.
  8. Shri Hari is able to take everyone’s sorrow, grief, problems. But these lotus feet are able to take sorrows of Shri Hari too. That’s why I’m saying the wealth of my life is these lotus feet only.
  9. At last Bhori Sakhi says: Oh Priya Ju! Shri Radhika Ju! Please accept my request. Please give me place in your lotus feet and please give me the nectar of Your Divine Love!

Now, we’ll meditate on the lotus feet of Divine. When Bhori Sakhi says this it doesn’t means he’s showing Hari lower than Shri Radha, it’s just like his divine love is only for Shri Radha that’s why he’s saying this. There’s no difference in Divine he took all these forms Just for our pleasure…

You can meditate on the lotus feet either of Shri Hari-Radha or Shri Gurudev.

…Guru Govind na Bhed Karai…

Well, I want to share one more thing, I got my  kindle two days back, and I started my reading journey on kindle by reading: “IF TRUTH BE TOLD: A MONK’S  MEMOIR”.

It’s Swami’s Divine grace only.

Thanks for reading.

Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

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