I was thinking about the Guru Purnima Challenge and i didn’t knew which unusual teacher had the most significant impact on me. After some contemplating on this topic, i figured out that it is Life itself. Because the amount of lessons that Life has taught me, no teacher can. If we just learn from ours and other people’s lives then there will be no dearth of wisdom  for us. So, i decided to write on Life as it is the greatest and the most unusual teacher. Here we go:-

In my childhood, i had a lot of wonder for life. I thought that life is like a trip to Disneyland where i will only get pleasure, happiness and joy. But now i know that life is just a fleeting, transient and empty passage of moments. So, Life has taught me that everything is empty!

In my teenage years, i thought the friends that i have; will always be there for me. I believed that these friendships are for a lifetime. But now life has taught me that these friendships are because of conditions and situations which are temporary. As soon as these conditions and situations change, at that moment our friendships will start to fall apart. Soon every friend will become indifferent and we will just be strangers in the garb of old friends. So, friendships are tempory!

When i was a child, i was a very religious person. I prayed to God by imagining him in a piece of stone or a photo. That’s why i collected small photo frames and small statues of God then. But with the passage of time, i have realized that God doesn’t exist in hand made idols or printed photos which are made by impure humans like us. God exists in our hearts and is always there for us, when we call him with devotion. If we really want to worship God then we should serve his creation. We should be kind to people who are the children of God and have the same essence of God which is called Soul. So, God exists in our hearts instead of statues or photos.

When i used to attend weddings of family members in my childhood, i thought of it as an adventure. The happy environment of these weddings really made me joyful as well. We mostly visited other cities where these family members lived to attend the weddings. I thought that how fortunate i am to get such awesome relatives who love me, care for me and will help me whenever i need. But these same relatives back out or back stab when we need their help the most. At the most, the most closest relatives can help us and support us in our tough times. But ultimately only our parents love us, care for us and support us unconditionally because we exist in this world due to them. So, family relationships are just empty and time pass relationships.

In my childhood, i believed that i can be whatever i want to be. I wanted to become a doctor in my childhood. Once upon a time( i think in 8th class),my PT teacher asked the whole class what they want to become in the future(because the ground was not empty and we were sitting in our class, so to kill the time he asked us). I answered him that i want to become an Accupressure Doctor and a Professor. He asked the whole class to clap for me because he said that he hadn’t heard a more mature, practical and precise answer. But then Life happened! I got to know with time that doing MBBS costs a lot and we were not that much financially capable. So, i didn’t even took Medical in 11th because of the same reason. And i am still suffering because of that decision till now in ways i can’t even explain. So, life has taught me that we can’t get everything we want in our lives. 

In my past, i used to get jealous a lot. I envied people who were of my same age but were way ahead of me in terms of academics. I gave reasons that they are no good, to my mind so that it doesn’t get depressed, down or gloomy. But life has taught me that we are all heading towards death. No one is getting out of here with their degrees, bank balance, properties, cars etc. So, there is no need to get jealous because we all come empty handed in this world and we will all go empty handed from this world.

When i was 4-5 years old, i was a very extroverted child. I had a lot of friends then. I was always smiling and laughing so every relative wanted to hold me in their arms and cuddle me. I was everyone’s favourite! But with time all my friends, relatives and classmates left me all alone. I suffered with loneliness but my parents and my younger brother supported me a lot in these tough times. I am really grateful to my parents and my brother for their unconditional support, help and love for me. I am a lot better now but this phase of my life has given me a very important lesson. That everything is temporary and everyone is lonely. Because we ultimately will leave from this illusory world, all alone. So, at last i just want to say that we come alone in this world and we will go alone from this world.

Dear Reader and fellow os.me family member, i want to thankyou for the patience that you have shown in reading my article; i really appreciate it. I want to request you to please share the life lessons that you have learned in the comments section below.

I want to dedicate this article to our beloved Guru Ji- Sri Om Swami Ji. It is because of his grace that i got to learn these life lessons. On this divine ocassion of Guru Purnima, i want to pay my humble obeisance to our Guru Ji. All Glories To Our Beloved Guru Ji!