Dear reader, let me tell you at the outset, there is nothing new that I wish to share with you. If you’ve read Swamiji’s books or watched his videos, please feel free to skip this post.

Whenever I come across success/failure/happiness/sadness/appreciation/depreciation, I get this question in my mind:


Is this what life is all about?


A Junior Engineer thinks he’ll be happy when he is promoted to a senior position. The senior guy thinks the manager is much better off than him. The manager thinks the same about the Vice President. So does the V.P. about the President, C.E.O. The C.E.O thinks promoter(s)(founder(s)) have a gala life now that they don’t have to take care of the daily operations of the company. While the promoter(s) are worried about the stock price of the company which keeps fluctuating just like the voltage in a poorly designed electric circuit.


A boy thinks, he will be happy if he marries the girl he loves. Once married, they might lead a beautiful life initially before the responsibilities of building a family rise up. By the time there kids become self-sufficient, they have lived most of there adult life mostly in fear, worry, anxiety and don’t know what it feels like to lead a fear free life at all.


An aspiring yogi thinks he might gain the everlasting happiness when he attains self-realization but little does he  know that the challenges of life will still be there just like they did previously as all of us are ultimately living on one planet and are subjected to the impartial laws of nature.


Sometimes  I think most of our lives is an if statement of a code:

if (all/most of my expectations come true): then





May be when we start looking at life from an independent perspective and when I say independent I mean when our perspective is not dependent on ourselves as well, we begin to see how little we know of life and out of what we know we’ve made a heap of likes/dislikes/ emotions/memories which control us most of the time.

What if we could completely accept what happens to us. May be then we’ll see the ultimate truth of life:

That whenever a wind of happiness/sadness comes, we think it’ll be everlasting but the truth is we’re just a variable in this Universal Operating System storing some value which keeps changing till the variable is deallocated and merged into the Ultimate Memory Heap(Our ultimate Source).


PS: By acceptance I mean we do our best in almost all the situations as per our ability and leave the rest to nature’s will.








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