The most confusing stage in my life. I’m going through “The Teenage”.


It is a stage of life filled with confusions, thrill-ness, fears, excitements, fun and so on. This stage came after my beautiful childhood when I faced physical, mental and social changes in my life. 


I would consider it as the most confusing stage I don’t even know what I am, what should do or what shouldn’t, whether to choose or regret.


At this point I don’t even know whether I am a child or an adult. At this stage my parents usually don’t consider me as a child, but don’t even like to treat me as an adult, they often scold me not to behave silly like a child, I shouldn’t depend on them for each and every step of my life, but also don’t like to accept the decisions I took on my own ,considering me as an immature child.


A lot of new thoughts strike into my mind, it often creates its own viewpoints, it usually confuses what is right or what is wrong. Sometimes, I don’t even like what I adopted in childhood as my parents want me to do and generally opposes whatever I don’t like and this often ends in resulting conflicts and a distancing between my parents and me. 


Usually, I feel bad that sometimes I can’t express all the emotions, questions, views and turmoil in my mind to the ones I loved the most “my parents”, when I was a child I generally shared everything without hesitating but now I don’t even understand why I can’t share or express everything that I should. However this stage of life is not only tough but also as enjoyable as we became some responsible being inside a silly child. Sometimes, I enjoy this change and sometimes feel weird of stepping out of childhood and stepping into the stage of matured person.


At this stage, I wish I could fight with all the psychic trauma, finding enjoyable ways and try the best to give my best shot at this stage and overcome all problems, facing as a teenager.