Life begins at forty, is a title of 1932 self help book by an American Author, Walter Pitkin.

I guess everyone would have different views over this statement. I am here to share my perspective and how it relates to me.

  •  As we reach at 4th decade, most of us are financially independent, settled, having family and kids are aware about our goals in life. mind it, I used word goals but not purpose.
  • I believe life journey is all about experiences, it can be good or bad. In general, we think, we have enough time ahead of us to make things right and prosper. Life is short, live each moment to the full.
  • I feel age is just a number, it’s all in your mind. If I take my example, I am more energetic and physically fit now compared to my twenties.  Secondly youth is not only meant for pleasure, however, it is time to work hard to secure the future and enjoy as well, also spend quality time with your family.
  • This doesn’t mean you wait till you reach in 4th decade, before you start to make something beautiful out of your life. Contemplate each day, what exactly you want and where are you heading?
  • It’s never too late to start with good habits and disciplined routine. We all age differently according to our genetic makeup, health, lifestyle choices and environment. Let’s hope for a better and fulfillng  life by forty years and not starting life by forty.
  • Questions to be asked,
  • 1. Whatever I do, am I passionate about it?
  • Am I living each and every moment of my life?

Please share your thoughts, I will be grateful. Jai Shri Hari 🙏🏻.

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