We have completed one year when the first corons virus case was detected. I don’t know it is an anniversary worth to be celebrated or not 😉

On a positive note we all know that how beautifully mother earth has  healed herself during this pandemic,  specially during the lockdown.

Where i live currently i hear gunshot as sometimes deer and leopard can be found roaming in the vicinity.

So nature and animal feel free now.

Also nature is somwhere trying to tell us – “listen human you don’t own this planet. You are only one specie cohabitating with many others.”

It may sound weird, but I am very thankful to this pandemic, as i got an opportunity to learn many things.

One important one is that there is much more to life in this pandemic other than watching favorite series on netflix or amazon prime . 🙂

I know many of us have either lost the job or suffered a pay cut but i guess it was necessary to understand the deep meaning of a working life.

You remember last time you wanted to enrol yourself for that higher studies course or you wanted to learn that new skill which can increase the weight of your resume or always wanted to pursue some hobby /passion this pandemic is the ideal time.

Honestly most of us we were not happy in the job we had and also we are not happy now. We were complaining then we are complaining now, so what’s the end result.

You know there are many companies which are working with 100 percent workforce virtually.

If we try to look at it positively, tomorrow if we want yo apply for our dream job we can do it without being bothered about the limitation of geographical location.

Or who knows you come up with a brilliant idea and develop an app or some online tool that will be required by some companies to execute their operation across the world smoothly.

This is the time to turn our thoughts into action.

We need to be flexible with our career choices now and as Swami ji has recently mentioned in one of his post that wise investment of our earning is very crucial for unpredictable tough times.

We all know job is the main source of income for most of us and this lockdown has taught us that if we are not involved in any essential services, god forbid if similar crisis arise again we will be at loss.

We need to contemplate what actually job means to us – is it only for money or perhaps our career is just a source of our identity or symbol of independence or an escape to get out of the house and engage with the world or it actually fulfills an inner desire of yours to contribute and make a difference to our life and to the society?

Further i also learnt that we need to be clear about our finances and take our family into confidence that how much and what all we can afford. Transparency in any relation is very critical.

Further this pandemic also taught me the importance of building and strengthening the relationship with our loved ones. We all must have read that study – the top 5 regrets of dying people and the regret that touched me deeply was – “i wish i had spent more time with my family”.

I have lost few dear ones during this pandemic and i know the vaccuum they leave in our life.

So please call your parents , video chat with your grandparents, cousins, friends with whom you shared lovely time and make them realise you value them.

Infact before covid we were living on an autopilot mode . I had personally forgotten how certain emotions feel like- eg hurt, anxiety, grief because i had no time to sit down and evaluate what am i feeling. I was rushing from finishing one job to another.

Also i got to spend much more time with my daughter and realised kids are wonderful creation of lord with whom we can learn so many pure emotions.

During his lockdown i tried to tell my daughter that we need to learn to have right approach, positive attitude to deal with the challenges life can bring along (as she had many questions that why no school, why can’t we go out ) .

Also i felt she learns much more by observing me than what i preach her. She has started singing Sri Hari aarti with me, workout with me or sit silently when i meditate. This could have never happened i guess if i didn’t get those lockdown months.

This covid also taught me to be kind, generous and grateful.

Before lockdown honestly ask yourself when was the last time we actually thanked that trash collector or that sanitation employee. This pandemic taught us that community helpers are so essential for smooth functioning of our society.

The most important lesson i learnt was that we need to stop judging people. We don’t know what they are going through. Everyone has their own set of challenges so we should not jump to any conclusion.

Also when we helped few people in this pandemic, i realised the joy of giving is a different pleasure all together .

The feeling we get by making somebody happy is the most gratifying feeling. We all do RAKs and we know this feeling right? 🙂

Infact it was the feeling of gratitude that kept me sailing smoothly through this tough time of Covid where we all have been affected in some or the other way.

With practicing gratitude with BL app quite regularly i am actually realizing what a blessing this beautiful life is.

This is a tough time and its easy to lose hope, get anxious , harbor negative thoughts or even get depressed because no doubt we as a community are battling a severe pandemic of such a massive scale.

But with swamiji’ grace, this lovely Om pariwar community and with BL app i have come to realise that this pandemic is nothing more than the acceptance of a new way of life, a new dimension and another perspective.

I have started to believe the saying – “it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness “.

All glories to him and i am grateful for everything that happened with me in the last few months as it changed my perspective and helped me to evolve.

Trust me Life is very unfair, uncertain and limited. Let us try to make the best out of this beautiful blessing.

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