Life is all about accepting and taking it assuming everything about it rather and not turning backing nor evading or running away from it.It was a mantra, Dad used to recite when we were at cross roads with life in our bag packs not knowing what is the next step .Yes right from my three years life for me was in my bag packs, after mom left us and I saw her burn down in to ashes.I write this not as a pity party but to bring out certain concepts in today’s world where life is not quite the way we plan nor it is so certain and comfortable.

It is all in the way we look at it .It is beautiful in the snowy winters if we wanted to enjoy that evening with a warm cup of coffee, listening to a wonderful melody. It is we who make life easy or difficult for us .We are not alone in this planet despite of the distances that evolve  God is no alien or a Super Dad sitting to judge you .I felt and still feel God as the most perfect companion or friend , he is a philosopher and ultimate abode to confide who made  my tumultuous journey much easier with a lot of bumps and puddles a pretty good one.

I end up saying ..yes it is not a fair game this life but it is a gift.Yes it is a messy cocoon that is a major part of it ..but oh yeah learn to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. I dont say I learned from life and I am not  a great successful  person who can write inspire .No I am a book of failure ,where I wrote for each one tips how to get up and walk again…never giving it up .

Om Swami was a miracle that happened in my life .A big bang that shook all my convictions .From a distance I looked at that Sun like a kid still yonder ….with prayer .Deep contemplation. I seldom write prose .I am published poet.But this is an effort ….if ever


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