Hi guys

How are you all doing?

It’s been almost eight months, when I posted last on os.me.  (Excluding the recent letter for swamiji which was just the overflow of emotions)

To say I missed you all will be an understatement.  I reiterate os.me is like my family and you all are dear to me because we are connected through one source- our beloved swami ji.

And for this reason I feel I am accountable and you all should know where I was and how I invested or wasted my time. 🙂

Firstly, as many of you may be knowing I counsel people and its’ been more than a decade now (though I never charged anyone and only accepted good treat as my fee😆). Before covid, I wanted to pursue it professionally but then my mother in law left for her heavenly abode and it took a backseat.

This New Year I decided to once again take it up and realised that to be visible I needed a website first. I checked with website developers and they all asked for a hefty amount which definitely I could not afford (as I was out of work and didn’t want husband to invest).

My husband then motivated me that I should try if I can do it on my own. And with great zeal I decided I will make my own website from scratch. And in April 2022 I spent all my focus and time in building it.

Only then I realised what a problem I dared to take upon. I am a technically dumb person and have no connection with any technical things and here I decided to make a website. With the help of lot of YouTube tutorials, Google searches, I could finally pull it out and there was my own website- www.thereturnpath.com.

To host this website I requested my husband’s company to host mine too and they agreed. (I did pay all the charges from my savings. I do not know it was self-respect or ego😉 )

Please take a look at my website in  your leisure time and spread the word if you feel i can be of any help to someone. 

(To those who are into this field, my site may appear like a nursery kid’s drawing but trust me it took a lot from me.🤪 I spent 6 hours just in figuring out how to redirect my website from its demo place hyperlink. That’s dumb I am and still finished it)

I feel grateful that I am being chosen as a medium to extend some help to people, including few co devotees too.

In addition to this time consuming process, I also travelled a lot. This year marks my 10th marriage anniversary so decided to travel back to the same temple in Kashi where I got married. It was a wonderful trip because my daughter too got to see the place and we narrated her so many memories. God is definitely kind with me.

Then Geet’s (my daughter) school activities kept me on toes. Her fancy dresses, debates , exams all were hectic. Very recently she won a junior Taekwondo competition organised by ITF at Tyagraj Stadium in Delhi. I always wished for a child who should be good in extracurricular, but didn’t know parents will be drained in the process too.

Since April till now my daughter has been sick almost every month. Delhi pollution and weather created havoc for her health. Taking care of her while managing home took a toll on my health too.

Meanwhile I am also trying to justify my role as a SBA scholarship mentor and some small sewa that i am offering but I know I am not able to do it to my full potential. Will try my best from 2023.  Does that sounds like a new year resolution?🤔

Also I got to deal with a very difficult client who needed my so much time. I counselled her every week for over 5 months. She showed massive improvement but I realised it was very tiring for me to invest so much time and emotions. So for the first time I had to withdraw and to replenish all that lost energy I took a travel break to Nainital. Nature heals us and I have experienced it first-hand.

I guess I have told you all what all I did and how I spent these eight months. Now I am looking forward to my upcoming annual new year beach vacation (now you know why i put this featured image), which was long due.

Will try to be more active on os.me. However I have started with small steps of replying to people’s post now. I get to learn so much from this platform. You all are so amazing and inspiring.

When I was active on os.me I used to think I can’t spend a single day without it but I felt this break gave me a perspective that life doesn’t stop for anything or anybody. It simply moves.   

I did take some time out for self-contemplation where I chose to be in silence and on my own. I can only share one experience which may be of help to many here- please understand life is not about making something out of it. We just need to flow along with it. We cannot change people and certain circumstances but we can definitely learn to walk away or accept things gracefully.

Love you all.  Keep spreading positivity because we never know who needs it.