Hello readers and members, today I am writing this article on a very serious topic. So lets begin.. 

Every year lakhs of people die in road accidents in India, yet people do not learn a lesson. Actually why do accidents happen, according to me, there can be two reasons for this. 

  1. Imperfect driving. 
  2. Haste (rush). 

There are mainly these two reasons for any road accidents. First of all, let’s talk about Imperfect driving, any person should follow the rules of driving at least the basic one i.e. [courtesy, concern, caution]. 

The main problem is that everyone gets a driving license and especially the Imperfect drivers, the percentage of road accidents starts increasing because of this. Unless a person can do perfect driving, he should not be given a driving license. This will automatically lower the rate of road accidents to some extent because everyone has to drive whether they are good at driving or not. I believe things are learned slowly so they should be learned slowly. 

Coming to the second reason, which is haste, haste is a very major factoring accidents it is because of over-speeding, why we are always in a hurry all the time. It is not that the person who does any work quickly is perfect, not at all but only the work done with the patience is perfect. Sometimes we waste most of our life’s time just like this, so why don’t we do it when we are driving, can’t we waste 10 minutes at that time. What if we are late a little it doesn’t matter. 

Some people do over-speeding because to show off and some people’s ego comes infront of them. Like if a person is driving a vehicle overtakes other vehicle, so the other person in vehicle thinks that I will overtake it at a higher speed and will not allow it to go ahead. All these things are understandable. If you make a mistake, then 100 people’s have to make a mistake because of you. 

I would like to give a message at last-

Your life is not only yours it belongs to all those people whose happiness is related to you 

Be happy, Be safe…… 



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