Ananta koti pranam at your Lotus Feet oh revered Swamiji. 
After gaining some control over my distraction, I am coming back on the track of my most satisfying hobby of writing. Despite the busy schedule, I am trying my best to squeeze out some time for self-reflection and thought alignment and circuit tuning! Today’s topic is a contemplation of the great lessons being taught by Sun God.

Earlier, I have written a post regarding the Sun and why we should treat the Sun as God. This is an extension of the blog post where in I am analyzing the great lessons constantly being taught by Sun God from a different perspective.

1. Whatever may be the length of darkness (night), Light will be there:

Sun God instils the confidence that, every night has an end as soon as the dawn brakes. Yes, the darkness never stays for eternity. Geography students may argue that, on some part of earth, when night sets in, it continues for 6 months. But my friends, when Sun God appears, day also continues for the next six months. So, it is equated. In spiritual sense, no matter what the hardship is, or a low phase is, the same will come to an end. But try the tiniest bit possible to accelerate the recovery process. Do not run away from the situation / problem. Face it and have faith that night will end.

2. Treat all equally while absorbing only the good things:

This is really an outstanding one. Sun God never discriminates between ocean, sea, river or nala. He shines equally over all these water bodies. But what he absorbs is distilled water in the purest form. All the dirty things are left behind. Sun God never minds the ‘kachras’ and is not bothered about the same. If we try to incorporate the same in our lives, i.e. absorbing / learning to take the good qualities of the people we interact, it will be one of the best form of spiritual practices. No body is fully good or fully bad. Even the most crooked person also has some qualities to learn. So let us try to slowly start this practice of absorption of good qualities.

3. The virtue of patience:

When Sun God is covered by clouds and his dazzling lifegiving rays can not fully reach Earth, Sun God never looses patience. He knows that things are not hazy in long term. Clouds cover for some period, but ultimately the radiant glow triumphs. In our lives, we may be covered by dark clouds of problems, but we should not lose hope. We have to be patient. If problem appears in our lives, then it is for some reason. Try to respond and not react. Before giving something special, life tests whether we deserve the same or not. So, achieve something in life, test is a must and patience is the testimony of a calm mentality with constant endeavor.

4. Dedicating Life for others’ cause:

Sun God continuously burns on. As a Physicist, yes, it is fusion reaction which fuses two Hydrogen atoms to form a Helium atom and release enormous amount of energy. But from spiritual point of view, it is dedicating one’s life in the benefit of others. We should also try to do something for betterment of the society especially for the underprivileged sector of the society. Our Head of the family, Swamiji, is a very epitome of this highest degree of dedication. We constantly go on bothering him. He works hard for all of us. But still, he wears a smile and soothing voice. He goes on burning to illuminate our paths. If we can implement even one millionth of his efforts, our lives can become meaningful.

5. The Binding Energy:

Sun God accounts for more than 99 percent of the mass of our solar system. With the great mass Sun God has the great responsibility of binding the solar system together. Scientists call it the gravitational force. But spiritually, I would like to use another term ‘binding attraction’. As we know from Big Bang Theory, there were two stars, one broke and the broken pieces started revolving around the other star whom we worship as Sun God. Sun God teaches us how to take care of the dependents (all the planets and celestial bodies of our solar system). Not to leave them on their own trajectory. We should also be compassionate towards fellow human beings and never leave anybody alone. Entire humanity bonding would be a great phenomenon for which we can do our tiniest possible bit.

That’s all in this post. Thank you, all the readers, for your patience to go through the post. Jai Shri Hari…