An imagery of a moth is presented who is helplessly stuck in the mesh of desires. Like a cloth which is entangled within the million rings of various springs which crumble it, pierce it, tear it and leave rust on it takes away the beauty and freshness of a clean and crisply ironed cloth, such is the condition  of the moth who is stuck in bhavsagar of desires, tendencies and karma. The springs of desires, vices and tendencies choke that moth so much that now its throat is parched, tears no longer pour down and it is unable to call out to Mother Divine. The moth is attracted to the light of the Mother Divine but is unable to go there due to its vices and if it does so, it will burn up and die as it is not spiritually ready to have the Darshan of Maa. The poor moth does not have much devotion in its heart either. It is in a helpless situation but there is a little hope as it is able to imagine Ma atleast and asks Maa to stay.

Like a million springs clutching

And twisting around a tiny cloth,

Leaving marks, stain and rust-

Lifeless! A simple moth

Lone in darkness, wants Light;

But within springs it is caught.

Wires choke, rings pierce

A throat much distraught

So much that it won’t call you.

Grappled and shuffled with wires

Of springs that only

Consume the moth with desires-

Like wine in mind,

Like smoke in eyes,

Like thorns without a rose

And a world without skies.

A body with little devotion, 

A head without mantras,

A heart but no aspiration

And an understanding lacking Yantra.

Oh Maa! The Luminous Knowledge,

You said that you were me;

But how will you be seated

In a body polluted and a mind not free?

Am I even your child,

Or a lump of cancer

Like the ever growing vice,

A mind I have no control over?

There is a lack, there is pain,

I refuse to cry anymore.

A blown out candle,a dead white smoke-

Where is the life that you adore?

Sacred dust beneath your feet

But I am a cloth untouchable.

Do I have the right to bow down

In front of magnificence incredible?

Me- the lowest of all there is,

Far away from you;

But imagining in my little head

That I am with you.

You are in my brain

Is that not grace?

Dear, I may not express it

Sweet honey, lovely stare,

Law or illicit!

But stay.

Maa, stay with me.

Thank you for reading this poem.🙏 

P.S.- I want to confess that I don’t keep Maa in my mind all the time. I am unable to do so. This poem is a rambling of my head, all due to of grace of Maa, of course. Sometimes, there are bouts of love that I experience and in one such moment, I penned down this poem. I pray, may Maa give bhakti to all of us. 🌺 Jai Shri Hari!

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