Hi Folks,

Trust you all are in good spirits!!

I know in today’s global era everyone is going for a race, proving themselves for the things that really  do no matters in our lives. My mother is my big supporter she keeps me motivated while giving me  solutions for every problem like every mother does in this world.

So, one day while having the heart to heart conversation with her about life she suddenly said “life must go on no matter what, Nothing is more important than your inner happiness.”

She also said to go for “little happiness” big ones always follow suit.

I don’t know but it clicked, suddenly I felt happy. Than, I engaged myself in few home chores like cleaning and I helped her in the kitchen which gave me immense pleasure and I felt so much gratitude for the little things around us that God gave us already. We are always thinking about our future what’s gonna happen  and we forget all the things which matter in our lives, for instance, our family and friends. Otherwise we feel something is missing. So guys, always be in high spirit as we say in  Punjabi “CHARDI KALA” and even you don’t remember you are ever stressful.

Trust me when you feel low just start doing cleaning start with your wardrobe your all stress will be vanished. While cleaning when you see your old things like your old book or keychain or a mad picture with your siblings before you know you already smiling. It always works for me.

Due to Covid – 19, one thing we all realize is that nothing is permanent, So always be kind, honest and always count your blessings.
We all have bad days or good days in our life it’s in our hands how we handle it.

No one ever remembers your clothes or even you. you always be remembered for your behavior.
A Little happiness can change your whole day.

Hope this makes you smile as well and keep you motivated.

Happy reading !!

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