I’m preparing for government jobs in India. 

Yesterday my SSC CGL result got announced and I cleared it and got a officer rank post in CGDA under Ministry of Defence. 

It is a big day for me. I’m no more a unemployed person now. 

I devote my little success in the divine feet of Swami Ji. 

It was 2017 when I started preparing for the exam.

My mind was always wandering and complete restless.

I didn’t know what to do and how to rest my mind and focus on my studies. 

Then by God’s grace I came in the contact of Swami ji although not directly but indirectly. 

I started reading his books and that gave me immense peace of mind. 

I was now becoming a better person. 

After that I came to know about their YouTube channel. 

I regularly used to watch their video for harmony in my life and also subscribed their blogs. 

I don’t have words but just feelings and emotions to show my sincere gratitude for Swami Ji. 

I also extend my gratitude for os.me family. 

They are significant part of my life. 

Their kind and magical words have a big impact on my life. 

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