Jai Shri Hari…

I am very grateful to Swamiji for his kindness and guidance and making me who I am today.

 It’s an amazing platform to share our ideas and experiences. Diwali festivities were going on.

It was the day of Bhai dooj. All decked up in festive attire,I along with my son visited an eatery for a get together. As I parked my vehicle, a young boy ,20ish in age may be approached me with hand puppets for purchase. I felt of greeting him Diwali. So as I parked my car,took my son near the restaurant,he disappeared. However,in the crowd,I again saw him . He asked me “Madam”. . Before, he could say anything, I gifted him a small amount and didn’t take anything in return. 
You know, this feeling is electrifying , energising. The energies , they give us … Really, suddenly I became “didi” from “madam”.

An act which took hardly few seconds has its effect last for a lifetime… What a wonderful dose -effect relationship……

Wishing you all love ,light, and peace 

Jai Shri Hari