“Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you. “Eckhart Tolle.


When I read this quote, the one statement that echoed in my ears was as Swami says,” Natures role is to grow, and it won’t stop for anyone,” and it is true so the most beautiful building in the world, leave them alone for a year and you will see sapling sprouting from all small possible places.

This reminds me of a house I saw in Shimla and was surprised to see that the top lantern of the building had fully grown trees of Cactus on it. We all were clicking its Photographs, but alas, I cant retrieve it.

Life is a journey, and we have to cross it with no questions in our mind; if we inculcate this habit, we can be more successful, and if we make it a habit of asking a lot of unwanted questions, then it would be a full-time struggle. ( if you point out that I am the same person who wrote on puchne mai kya jata hai, yes I am the same, and that article was all about how we learn new things in life and it is never too late to ask a question), but if it is life and we question life, why me then we need to understand that it has its own pace and its way of working. We need to realize that life won’t be the same always and we won’t be the same either.

If you look at yourself in a similar situation and ask yourself what your reaction would be in a particular situation, then the response for the same would be different. It may be the case that you laugh at your reaction to a similar situation and consider that you reacted foolishly.

Though the person in us would have changed with the same body, our mind and intellect would be changed, and the way we respond to a situation would also change. As we all have read a few days back, it is a response required in a particular situation, not a reaction.

Thus it is on us to deal with a  particular situation and how things work.

AS Swami says,” Universe is a gigantic ship which takes time to turn, so have patience and wait for nature to unfold the hidden jewels for you.”