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I happen to listen to some story on Youtube which speaks on children who happen to remember their past lives with accuracy. There was a Indian girl child who remembered her past life and went on to identify her husband & family from past life. This story was well documented. One or two incidents could be fake.  But internet is inundated with so many that , its hard any longer to discount it.

The Abrahamic religions (Judasim/islam/Christainity) speak of one life where as Asian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism ) are sure of multiple lives dating back to the beginning of life. There is this book by Walter Semkiw “Born Again ” which speaks of past lives of Abdul kalam (Tipu sultan), Scientist Vikram Sarabhai (Haider ali), Indira Gandhi, Amitabh Bachan, SRK etc

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I personally met a south African (Vandy) of Indian origin has very interesting tale of his own past life .  Vandy is poet-spiritual gypsy who led hippie life. Dabbling with drugs and substance abuse, he travelled across the world before resting for few days in Nepal. Here he separated from his group and travelled to India ( Apparently to die in land of his forefathers as he said). Being broke financially,  he lived through odd works in ashrams where he met an Estonian (Past life regression) PLR practitioner . Born as Christian he couldn’t fathom concept of past life…..till he experienced it. That Estonian took him to past life through hypnosis where he saw himself as a bald monk in Uttar Kashi. Even Uttar kashi didn’t ring any bell as he never visited India before.

Subsequently,  after this incident in his travels he comes to a valley and old memories beyond current life awakens. He recognizes valley, villages which he later discovers it to be Uttar Kashi. Dazed he Continues his journey reaches Bangalore where he joins Art of Living ashram, learns astrology, Ayurveda, yoga. Once his visa expires he goes back to South Africa to lead life of spiritual LSD (laugh, song, Dance). More about him here in this link (

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As I was skeptical Vandy narrated about another story of a person whom he met african  in Aol Ashram (we all met there) . He claims all his current life tendencies are attributed to his past life. On probing further how he could figure it out, PLR (Past life regression) was his reply. I know PLR works to some , doesn’t work to many, and quite a lot fake through claiming themselves as kings or heros of past. None say they were ordinary citizens ever. All claim to be kings & Knights.😄

He speaks how PLR took him from Human to animal to back to plant life. How far is it true is not something neither he or me could vouch for. But its interesting to hear.( always a fan of anything mysterious)

As he went back to his past even as he was aware of his surroundings during PLR, he said he could see himself as Buddhist woman from Tibet wearing all warm clothes in a hut. In another life time , he was army General . Though born during war, he was more administrator or back office guy than a combatant. Going deeper he was a painter in kings court showing off his colourful paintings. Much further he was some roman soldier killed by spear. Moving more further he was fish in water and even before that he was small innocuous plant in a Gurujis ashram.

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What went from weird to bizarre was the link he made all above stories to current life. In this current life his inclination to Tibetan Buddhist teachings, Painting & spiritual affiliation to Art of Living was linked back to his life as  Tibetan woman and plant in ashram (Ashram in past life was of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as he claims) , voracious appetite to war period of Europe  continued to extent that he took military machinations like duck to water to become soldier in this life. Born in cusp, his love for life in all kinds & spiritual life contravenes his job of unspiritual deeds. 

Did soul carry old tendencies to new Life? Maybe, as he says he never took classes in art nor worked hard in job or tried to break head to understand spiritual esoteric studies. All came naturally from birth with little or no effort. How far is it true? I have no clue but sounded interesting when I first heard of it.  Hope you enjoyed it..What do you say??

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