“Life is not only a series of experiences, or milestones, or events, or happenings or accomplishments, it is also a series of moments. Frequently, we must live moment to moment, in order to survive happily.”

How many times we all have heard or read this and how many times we are able to follow this in reality?

I know I know, I am no different than you all. It seems so difficult sometimes to even realise that we are missing moments.

This is because we live our lives in autopilot, immersed in what seems important now, but really isn’t. There are so many things we waste our lives over to get ahead, to gain control, to find happiness, at the expense of what really counts—which is this moment, and only this moment.

Aage bhi jane na tu peeche bhi jaane na tu…jo bhi hai bas yahi ek pal hai

I love this song..

Ok back to the post.

I came across a news item last week where a couple fought Covid together and that taught them to appreciate the small things of life.

Here is the link

In brief:

I still remember the dark day when first my husband went from high fever to breathlessness within 4 days. The next day, I called his treating doctor, and the words still ring in my ears “you are too late to bring him to hospital. His infection has damaged 70% of his lungs and part of his kidney. We will be doing whatever we can but cannot guarantee anything now. On the other side my HRCT report revealed that I too was suffering a 60% damage level in my lungs. During the treatment, my perspective on life and death changed. I started valuing life and the breaths we take. No more complaints, obsessing over issues etc. and just praying to God to feel the sunlight and wind again.

Finally, both of us were discharged and I hugged him hard to feel his heartbeat for several minutes. This tragedy further reinforced the belief in me, that nothing is more precious or important than every breath you take and having your loved ones always around you. Life is that simple!”

Exactly that’s my point here – life is that simple, but we make it complicated.

So when was the last time you hugged someone so tight that you could feel their heartbeat and feel grateful for their presence in your life?

Quite often we put huge expectations on ourselves and our lives. We rush to do this, hurry up with that, without actually enjoying the process. What’s the rush? Where do we think we’re going?

 Too often we worry about things that are just not important. Or we become workaholics. Or we drink too much or eat too much, deluding ourselves that we will live the long life and maintain our good health. Or we become caught up in our lives at the expense of our relationships, family, and friends. Or we chase the career, fancy car, or big house…or whatever, and neglect the present moment.

Life is full of surprises. Adversity lurks continuously. It is an inevitable part of life. Just as death is inevitable. For most, it is a thief in the night, knocking at the door of life when a person least expects it. Therefore, it is important to live in the present moment.

So what stops us from living in the moment? -” Our past experiences and the worry of future.”

The past and the future cannot be touched or seen, we cannot experience it and we are not able to feel what happened in the moment, we only can imagine these virtual realities within our minds.

Therefore we need to understand that the past and the future do only exist within our thoughts. Reality is what we experience in this very moment. 

So how to learn to live in the moment:

  • Stop over imagination. Mind loves to create fear and uncertainty so try to tame it…and what best way to do that other than using BL app. It has helped me to be very mindful of the present moment.
  • Learn to value people around you. We have actually taken our family and loved ones for granted as if they are going to be with us till eternity . But the truth is they too are on an individual journey  and we never know when they will part ways. So spend more time with them and enjoy the small moments.
  • Gratitude- Throughout our whole life, we focus on the things we wish we had and the things we want to accomplish, rather than being grateful for what we have and what we already achieved in life. This is one teaching from Swami that has really helped me to feel content in my life and I appreciate very moment.
  • Worry less , because if I say “stop worrying” that’s not possible in the time we are living. I used to worry a lot.🙃.ok ok I still do but I am improving . Baby steps you see. Then one day I came across a quote by Swami Rama-“ Happiness is the conviction of the mind that nothing in this world is worth worrying about” and this definitely had an impact on me. I keep reminding myself of this. Try it to believe it. This works.
  • Pay attention to small things- when was the last time you ate your favorite ice cream/ chocolate or heard that song which makes you feel romantic…😍ok ok for those who are going through heartbreak please stick to ice cream or chocolate🍫 example. The point is enjoy those small things you used to love- be it swing, jump, dancing in rain or any similar thing, which makes you forget your past and makes you happy in this very moment.
  • RAKs- I do not have anything to say on this. The more we make others happy we feel happy too and what better way to live in the moment than doing RAKs. Random acts of kindness are just that — random. They are spontaneous, in the moment, and a great addition to our karmic account. Writing good comments on my post will be considered RAKs too.😆

Here I haven’t written anything which we didn’t know but I thought of writing a kind of reminder so that at least I can come back to this post when I am feeling low in life and forgetting to live.

Living in the present means that you count your blessings and savour the small joys of life. If you are dwelling on the past or worried about the future, refocus your time and energy on the here and now. Learn to live in the present moment.

Because all your really have is this moment of time.

I told you- jo bhi hai bas yahi ek pal hai…who wanna sing this song with me? I love it absolutely .  Btw auto correct is typing it as JOB HI HAI….😂 thats how complicated our life and job is 😃

Few lines from the song by Jason Mraz

I will not waste my days
Making up all kinds of ways
To worry about all the things
That will not happen to me

I’m living in the moment
I’m living my life
Just taking it easy
With peace in my mind
I got peace in my heart
I got peace in my soul
Oh, wherever I’m going, I’m already home

On this os.me, under HIS guidance we all are home. Just we have to be here and NOW.

Enjoy Life. Stay safe. 

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