From the past few months I have been following a self-made trick to live more mindfully and peacefully . Whenever I felt like I’m running short of money and facing problems at work with clients and my boss, I simply take my consciousness to higher level of perspective

Think that you are watching the earth from the galaxy, and then see the other planets also. Then think there are uncountable galaxies that exist in this universe . There are stars which are hundred times larger than earth. The sun is 109 times larger than the earth . Think about these things for a few seconds and you will find that you are nothing. Whatever is going in your life is just a small bubble in the ocean and very soon it’s going to be disappear .

I travel in the local train and live in Mumbai. Wherever I go I see heavy crowds of people around me. Everybody has a different face, a different personality and a different story, and then I think its just one city. I think about how big India is and how big the world is. There are billions of people, every one has his own life story. Even if are billions of animals, if you see, every animal has his own life story . If you think about all of this, you will find that you and your problems are nothing. It’s all God’s play .
And you will find a different kind of energy in you. You will start seeing humans, animals, nature, the sky, trees, plants, bike,  every materialistic thing and natural thing with love .
Whenever I feel nervous about anything, I think about all this and it gives me confidence and strength to take risks .

“The more risk you take the more you live in a moment.”

And if this trick doesn’t work for you just think of Swamiji’s laughing face. It will give you tremendous energy to live life. Whenever I imagine his charming face, it seems like he is laughing on me and saying “Why are you so worried? There is nothing to be serious about in life.”