Hi, i am just a 26 year old guy trying to understand the vibes around and see the loophole that might help me make my life easier.

Please excuse my not so perfect writing.. a learner can be wrong and he/she shouldn’t be afraid to make his point.

It’s never been easy for me to understand why things are happening tho i can feel it’s happening for a reason good or bad it’s not decided yet and you might not ever know the reason behind but the thing you can do is don’t get into the deep patterns just keep yourself from awake and if its going good then simply enjoy it if it’s not take a moment accept it that time is not in your favour better adjust yourself within the situation and guard your soul to minimum damage.

It’s not what you showing who you are, it’s what you hiding.

Sounds dark but it’s not.

It’s not the showing part you have to work on it’s the part you are hiding from the world you need to fix that to achieve inner peace.

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