This is an ode to my beloved Shree Hari, who is the only support of one and all. May he guide us towards the truth and the path of righteousness, compassion and unity. Please accept my offering :

English Translation of Ode :

You are the one who created everything,

You are the one who destroys everything,

You are the only one who preserves what good we have

and help us evolve;

You are the substratum out of which everything

in this world has come ,

and  You are the one who upholds everything.

O Lord! It’s you only who let us

fail as well as succeed towards our lofty goal,

O Lord! How do I keep any distance with

anyone now when I know it’s you who

is dwelling in everyone being breath of the breath;

The world has declared me a fool but

I have absolute faith in you my Lord,

And I am meeting everyone knowing

that I am meeting you.

I know nothing more my Lord, I am just meeting

you everywhere, I am meeting you.

Now, Come O Lord! Hold me in your arms,

Either evolve me or destroy me,

I know No-one else, You O Lord!

You alone come !



Hindi Lyrics:

Tu hi banaaye ,Bigaade Hamein,

Tu hi sambhale sanwaarein Hamein,

Tujhse banein ab tujh mein Rahein,

Tu hi dobaaye ubhaare Hamein ;

Kis se raaien ab kitna judaa,

Sab mein hai tu ek saans banein, *2

Tu hi banaaye ,Bigaade Hamein,

Tujhpe bharosa hamne kiya,

Aalingan yun sabka kıya,

Sab mein sabhi ko,

Aa ke mile,

Sab mein sabhi se,

Aa ke mile;

Tu hi banaaye ,Bigaade Hamein,

Tu hi sambhale sanwaarein Hamein,

In Tears and Prayers,