The entire universe exist due to Lord’s presence and grace, the grace of supreme is ever flowing but for a Bhakta who surrender his will to him and take his refuge, the grace can be felt all the time in everything, and everywhere. A month back we purchased a house and we shifted to a new house 2 weeks back. As there was lot to pack, unpack , clean, and arrange in this one month plus my son( school from home) and husband were at home (work from home), I was not able to find more than 20-30 minutes to do meditation. There was lot going around that needed my attention, but in my heart i was praying to Lord to help me so that I can devote more time and can continue the sadhana in some form. After 2 weeks of initial disruption, Lord answered my prayers and bestows his grace upon me. 2 weeks back, ” I got a muscle tear in my left hand, that is my dominant hand”. Now, how could getting a muscle tear can be a grace ? Lord’s ways are mysterious and ever apt.

First, in the midst of all chaos, moving, and hustle and bustle, I got a much needed rest for 2 days. and as I was resting, suddenly a thought of starting a new goal pack of Zen meditation entered my mind, the practice was relatively simple and can be done anywhere, even sitting on a chair. Although packing up temple idols and setting up a temple room in a new home took almost 3-4 days, this did not interrupted my practice.

Secondly, I got introduced to the practice of mindfulness where you could use your non-dominant hand to experience much renewed awareness . This practice came to me as a blessing from Swamiji as I was able to transform my usual work that I was doing from my non-dominant hand( due to muscle tear in my dominant hand) in a sort of mindfulness practice, and enjoyed setting up my new house using non-dominant hand with mindfulness. By the time I finished the goal pack, I was settled in my new house, was able to do the needful things required to arrange the new home without my sadhana getting interrupted. The divine gave me a new perspective to continue the sadhana.